•                                 My DreamDream, avers, countless people in compiling the dream of frustrations. At night, when the dark dream of fire happens, bring people farther and nearly hope suddenly. It floats in the imagin...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Green Food. 1.近年來,“綠色食品”變得越來越流行。 2.分析這種現象產生的原因。 3.你對該現象的看法。 Green...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 Nowadays, microblog has been a common communicating tool in our lives and it can be noticed in most places. Microblog provides many conveniences for us while it also brings some bad effects.For on...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 財富與健康 Wealth and Health 1、some think that wealth means everything. 2、Actually, health is more important than wealth. 3、Keep healthy first if you want to become wealthy.So far as the topi...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 There are various kinds of jobs in the world, but different people are attracted by different jobs because everyone has his own interest and destination, Many people consider an ideal job as a mea...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 My View on Private CarsWith the fast development of human society and the improvement of life standard, private car has become more and more common in our country, especially in cities. It brings...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 An Unforgettable TestLast Sunday,I took the GRE. It was the longest test I had ever taken. I entered the examination room at eight o'clock and did not come out until twelve. For the first hour I sa...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 the problem of pollution, cause, artificial substances, release, waste products, industrial production, consumption of goods, bring it under control, agriculture, chemical substancea. Environmenta...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 Internet SurfingNowadays, there is a growing popularity of Internet surfing on college campus. An increasing number of students, majoring either in science or engineering or in liberal arts, spend...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 College students in China may choose jobs by themselves. So everyone can make his own choice of his career before graduating.Job hunting by students has had a big impact on campus. Students have b...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 SupermarketsSince the first supermarket emerged fifty years ago, it has become the most popular shopping center in many large cities around the world. In China, supermarkets enjoy an increasing po...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 On competition and cooperationWhen it comes to competition and cooperation, some people always emphasize competition but neglect cooperation. Their reasons run as following: to begin with, they be...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 Shopping on the InternetWith the development of the Internet and the popularization of computers, shopping on the Internet has become a commonplace in our life. Here consumers can buy almost every...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 What is love ?A humourous person may say love is photogenic ,it needs darkness to develop . One who is involved with someone happily may hold that love is like a rose ,it can intoxicate the whole...[瀏覽全文]

  •                                 Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My Opinion on Advertisement. You should write at least 120 words and you should base your composition on t...[瀏覽全文]

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